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What Happened When Hover Mom Took the Day Off?

On a recent trip to visit my husband's family in Colorado, I brought along Angela Hanscom's new book, "Balanced and B...

10 Things Kids Should See Their Parents Doing Outside

Anyone who has spend time in the presence of children knows how perceptive, alive and tuned into the world they are. ...

The Garden Classroom Book Review

I've always viewed gardening as more of an intuitive, emotional process. But, as I work on evolving our homestead and...

Our Favorite Children's Book for Spring!

March is here and I just had to introduce you to, "Crinkle, Crackle, Crack: It's Spring!" by Marion Dane Bauer, Illus...

Introducing The Wilder Child Book Club

Reading and nature - what a match made in heaven! The Berenstain Bears, Where the Wild Things Are, Island of the Blue...

10 Fall Inspired Journal Prompts for Older Kids

My daughter is only two, so I tend to get somewhat caught up in activities that fit her abilities and age group. Sadl...
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