ClickCease Introducing The Wilder Child Book Club
Introducing The Wilder Child Book Club

Introducing The Wilder Child Book Club

Reading and nature - what a match made in heaven! The Berenstain Bears, Where the Wild Things Are, Island of the Blue Dolphins - these are the stories that inspired my youth and transformed my world. Now I'm blessed to be reading with my own daughter every day, and we're discovering some truly magical books! I created the Wilder Child Book Club in order to share and experience this journey with all of you.

In this group, I will feature early childhood book containing characters that interact with nature, takes place outside or just generally celebrates the wonders of the wild! My hope is to choose stories that enrich our childrens' lives and reflect the holidays, seasons and natural cycles that make up their year.

Related Activities

Alongside the books, I'll feature activities, printables, recipes, and art that bring the stories alive. These will be hand-picked to enrich and extend the world these wonderful books create. I'll be focusing on activities that use natural materials, get us back outside and help our kids reconnect to nature.


To thank Wilder Child Book Club Members, I'm partnering with some of my favorite Etsy artists and children's stores to offer a creative giveaway. Every month there will be another chance to win a special something or a book that we're loving.

Read Alouds

I'll be choosing some of my favorite books and reading them aloud through Facebook Live inside of the group.

Community of Bookhuggers

This is my favorite part. Together we'll be building a community of nature-loving readers! Here we can share recommendations, ideas and encourage our children's love of books gone wild.

How to Join The Club

It's easy& free >> Join the Facebook group here!

Thanks so much. I can't wait to start reading and discovering together.

Your Woman Gone Wild,

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  • Great recommendation, thank you!

  • A really good book for parents on teaching a love of nature to their kids is Charlotte Mason’s " The outdoor life of Children". It is a book I highly recommend to all parents who want to instill a love of nature in their children.

  • Thanks so much Michael – I love your mission and vision. Happy to have you in the group!


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