ClickCease Wilder Child - Nature-Connected Parenting

Let's Grow Wild Together!

Wilder Child connects parents to nature through education, community and practical resources. Whether you homeschool or just want your child to be more willing to play outside, our products, tips and downloadable material are here to help your family on your outdoor adventures!

Wilder Child's mission is to help families step back into the circle of
wild things and bond with Mother Nature. Here you can find the
community, tools, art and ideas to support your family's wild ways.


Blog posts

Dutch Baby Recipe With Edible Flowers

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere never disappoints. It all begins with the spring ephemerals and then leads into my ...

The Modern Approach to Education is a Monoculture

In the short term, a monoculture can be easier to maintain. In farming, it offers efficiency, reduces the need for un...
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