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Hello fellow wild ones! I’m Nicolette, creator of Wilder Child, the Kids Moon Club and Wildschooling. Welcome to my corner of the forest.

My passion and heart’s mission is to help families step back into the circle of wild things and bond with Mother Nature. When rooted in that relationship and ancient connection, we heal, we flow, we fly.

Wilder Child Roots

In 2013, me, my husband and one-year-old daughter (The Wild Child) took a first step in realizing our dreams and moved to North West Michigan to start Honeybird Farm, a 60 acre farm based on regenerative agriculture principals.

We had no conscious idea of how much living that close to nature would transform us. I originally started Wilder Child to help record and lend words to the deep, familial bonds we were forging with the Wild that surrounded us.

But it was your stories, voices and support encouraged me to share more and begin serving as a nature-connection guide and conduit for families who want to walk side by side barefoot down the dirt-lined path. What has is now a passionate, mud-loving, free community spanning the globe.

Find Your Point on the Wheel

There are different areas of the Wilder Child ecosystem depending on where you are in your journey.

Are you just getting started in nature-connected parenting or looking for activities and way to bond with nature? Head over to the blog.

Are you home-educating or considering homeschooling? Wildschooling is the place to be!

Are you interested in aligning your life to nature’s rhythms and learning about what forms the backbone of our life and nature connection, head over to The Kids Moon Club.

No matter what place you’re at, signing up for the Wilder Child newsletter will ensure that you don’t miss out on any updates.



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