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10 Fall Inspired Journal Prompts for Older Kids

10 Fall Inspired Journal Prompts for Older Kids

My daughter is only two, so I tend to get somewhat caught up in activities that fit her abilities and age group. Sadly though, it's often the older kids that need more inspiration to get outside. The little ones have an innate sense of wonder and excitement for the wild outdoors. And as we grow, it's so common for us to lose that connection.

One thing I always loved (and still do) is journaling outside. Below are some of my favorite self-reflective prompts that are perfect for the season. Hopefully these will help your young writers become more aware of how the changing nature around us is reflected in our own lives.

These are all best written and shared while outside. A beautiful journal can truly inspire. I love to search through the handmade journals on Etsy.

1) Cha Cha Cha Changes. Mention that it has been a year since last Fall and that the trees, plants and animals have been through a lot of changes in that time. Ask the kids to think back on their own year and the major milestones or things that they went through. How have they grown - what have they discovered?

2) Letting Go. The trees have to let go of their leaves, the flowers their beauty. What have you had to let go of in your life? How has that affected who you are as a person?

3) Winter is Coming. Some people dread the cold, and their thoughts about the upcoming cold seasons stops them from appreciating the beauty of Fall. Have you ever had a time that your fears about the future stopped you from being able to fully enjoy the moment you are in?

4) All Hallows' Eve. On Halloween night the veils between worlds are said to be thin enough for spirits to pass between. It's the perfect time of year for magic, so write a spell to cast that night. Include ingredients and what the purpose is.

5) Compost. The leaves, grass and other organic matter will compost into the ground and eventually make new soil by Spring. What are you working on right now that will enrich your life later on?

6) Hibernation. The environment recharges and rests in the winter. What things in your life drain you, and what helps you restore balance, peace and calm?

7) Nuts! Animals and plants are busy storing energy and food for Winter. What types of situations do you think you're most prepared for? Least prepared and why?

8) Migration. A lot of animals start to migrate to warmer climates in the Fall. What if you had to up and leave right now and be away for an entire season? What would your ultimate Winter retreat look like?

9) Thankful. In November, at the end of Fall, we're given the change to count our blessing. What are you most thankful for this year?

10) On Repeat. Every year Fall comes back around. Is there a pattern that you always repeat? Are there things that others can always count on you to do?

Hope these inspire - send over some of your favorite prompts!


Your Woman Gone Wild,

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