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30 Awesome Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids of All Ages

30 Awesome Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids of All Ages

There is almost nothing as magical as the leaves turning and floating to the ground. To celebrate, I've collected some of my all time favorite leaf crafts and activities. Happy Fall!!

For the Littles

1) Fall Leaf Art and Science w/song. Even the little ones can drop some on the canvas. via Fantastic Fun and Learning

2) Finger prints on the tree with template. via Little Page Turners

3) Leaf sensory bin. via Stir the Wonder

4) Leaf handprints. via House of Burke

5) Leaf shower. Toss some leaves up over their head and let loose!

leaf_handprint_art (2)

6) Leaf dig. Bury some of the brighter leaves with the top half sticking out. The little ones will love to pull at and try to dig them up.

7) Leaf bottle. Fill a clear bottle with leaves, sticks, mica and other natural treasures. Put the top on and let the kids roll it around.

8) Leaf mobile (laminated making it easier for the littles to play with). via

9) Leaf a boo. Take some of the bigger leafs and play peek a boo.

10) Collect. Take them around in a little wagon and collect leaves together. They will love the ride and the colorful leaf pile in the wagon.

For the Middles

1) Leaf crowns and animal masks. via Handmade Charlotte

2) Colored salt dough leaf impressions. via. Freebie Finding Mom

4) Fall leaf garland via The Artful Parent

5) Leaf confetti. via Grow Creative

kids leaf art confetti

6) Watercolor tree with real leaves. via Classic Play

7) Leaf printings. via Kleas

8) Leaf maze. via Happy Hooligans.

9) Fall leave matching game with printable. via Mamma Miss

10) Leaf necklace. via Kiwi Crate

For the Bigs

1) Hanging leaves dipped in wax. via Martha Stewart

2) Clay leaf bowls. via Urban Comfort

3) Hammered leaf art. via Bloom, Bake, Create

4) Fall leaf initial. via The Thrifty Abode

5) Make a tree leaf globe (we used real leaves for this one). via Premeditated Leftovers


6) Maple leaf mason Jar. via Plan Provision

7) Skeleton leaves. via Carolyns Homework

8) Tracing leaf and tree shadows (also an intention exercise). via The Drive to Create

9) Beautiful gold leaf mobile. via The Stroller Coaster

10) Creative paintings. Encourage the kids to paint detailed, unique patterns. Some great examples here.

Some General DIYs for Leaf Art

Preserve your leaves all year long. via Tinkerlab

Preparing your leaves for painting. via About

Your Woman Gone Wild,

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  • Hi, I am wanting to make healthier twizzlers. You mentioned you would replace the corn syrup. Have you tried this recipe with replacements? What did you do?


  • Awesome ideas! Can’t wait to try in my class

  • Awesome ideas! Can’t wait to try in my class


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