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Organizing a Fall Pumpkin Hunt!

Organizing a Fall Pumpkin Hunt!

We had a blast with this activity. It's really simple and fast to set up, think Easter egg hunt but with pumpkins instead of eggs.

What you'll need:

1) Buy your pumpkins. Miniature orange pumpkins work best (I used white pumpkins once and it was really hard for the kids to find them), the smaller the better. I got them at our local orchard for 50 cents each, but they are also at most grocery stores. I bought four for each child, so ended up with 12. Gourds are pretty easy to grow, so I might turn this into The Great Gourd Hunt next year. Or, if you are feeling felty, you can make your own adorable pumpkins. How to from The Magic Onions website.

Organizing a pumpkin hunt

2) Attach the stickers. Before the hunt, I put stickers on the bottom of half the pumpkins. The idea is that at the end the kids look underneath each of their pumpkins to look for a sticker. They can then trade those in for a lollipop (here are the Organic suckers I like to get).

3) Time to Hide Em. Go around the yard and hide the pumpkins. Some ideas: in a hole, under some leaves, on tree branches, in flower pots, and even under a bowl in the yard. Be creative and have fun!

4) Let em loose! Hand out bags or baskets to collect with. If the kids are younger, I give them a general idea of the area where most of the pumpkins are hidden.

Great fall activity - hold a fall pumpkin hunt

5) Wrap it up. Time to all sit in a circle and check underneath the pumpkins. In the rare case that someone gets all stickerless pumpkins, I let them have a treat anyways. There aren't any losers at my house :)

So that's it! Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

Your Woman Gone Wild,


Organizing a fall pumpkin hunt

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