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Our Favorite Children's Book for Spring!

Our Favorite Children's Book for Spring!

March is here and I just had to introduce you to, "Crinkle, Crackle, Crack: It's Spring!" by Marion Dane Bauer, Illustrated by John Shelley. Honestly, I don't think I've ever read a children's book quite like this one. The anticipatory, hushed tone is unique to this story. It does such a perfect job of capturing that glorious, ecstatic sense that spring has arrived.

The book begins with a young boy hearing noises in the middle of the night. Instead of being afraid, he walks outside to investigate. The boy is greeted by a bear who takes him on a walk through the forest. The bear doesn't talk much except to say, "It's time." As they walk on, the reader wonders - time for what?

Bear Boy Walking

Along the path, they continue to pick up wild friends, each of them sensing a change is in the air.

Picking up friends

Anticipation builds until finally they all come upon a giant egg sitting in the middle of the forest.egg in forest

**Spoiler Alert** In what turns out to be an awesome climax, the egg burst open sending butterflies, birds, flowers, green plants and flowers everywhere. Spring has sprung! I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. We found our copy at the library, and ended up purchasing it here.


My hope is that these hand-picked activities will help deepen and extend the world of the book and help your family welcome spring. Here are some of my favorites:

Exploding Nature Egg Craft for Kids

1. The Wilder Child created and recommended activity for this book is (drumroll please)...EXPLODING SPRING EGGS! I created this activity specifically with the book in mind. The idea here is that the force of the growing seeds inside of eggs will burst open. Trust me, your kids will love this one.

2. Confetti Egg Game via Oh Happy Day
Notes: for this one, I'd recommend using natural glitter instead of the plastic kind from the store because it's better for all the wild things. The cereal is perfect though!

3. Egg Crate Scavenger Hunt via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

4. Story Stones via The Artful Parent
Notes: This a great book for story stones. The kids can put the stones in order of the when the animals show up in the book. A little tip, if there is no time to paint on the rocks, you can use animal stickers.

5. Paper Bag Birds Nests via Creek Side Teacher Trails


Here is a great little collection of activities and printables that accompany the book and season:

1. Simple Nature Scavenger Hunt via No Wooden Spoons
Notes: There is a city and country version

2. Printable Bear Mask via Mom Endeavors
Notes: What fun to read the book and then go act out the story. Just make sure your kids are with you, because otherwise, you're just that weird guy wearing a bear mask in the forest.

3. 40 + Nature Walks With Free Printables via Living Montessori Now
Notes: This is a huge collection with so much to print out and do.


Time to celebrate the story and season with some spring-themed goodies:

1. Cooking With Flowers via Miche Backer
Lovely book filled with 100 recipes for beautiful flower-filled dishes!

2. Easter Nest Candy via B-Inspired Mama

3. Fruity Flowers via One Crafty Thing

Want more? You can also join the Wilder Child Bookclub Facebook group HERE where I post weekly. It's an incredible community of nature-loving parents and educators and I highly recommend you pop on by.

Hope you enjoyed this month's pick!

Your Woman Gone Wild,



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