Let’s Go Fishing for Leaves!

by | Oct 23, 2014 | Wild Activities

Yes, I am obsessed with Fall leaf activities and games. Today was a beautiful sunny, windy day so The Wild Child and I headed out to sit beneath the big yellow Maple tree.

As we sat there playing with the leaves, I bent a stem up, poked a hole in the leaf and hooked it to the top. I looked over at Cora and she was holding a stick – bam leaf fishing was born!

It ended up being a great fine motor skill activity, not to mention the fact she spent almost half an hour ( a lifetime for a toddler) catching all kinds of different “fish”.

Materials You’ll Need

– Leaves
– A stick

Let’s Get To It

1. Make a big pile of leaf “fish” by bending the stem up to the top of the leaf, poking a hole and pushing the stem through to the other side of the leaf. It should naturally secure itself. See a few of my fish below:

Fall Leaf Activity

2. Have your littles try to hook the end of their stick under the bent stem and deposit them in a bucket.

If two or more children are playing, you can turn it into a game by seeing who can catch the most leaf fish in a certain amount of time.

To make it at little more authentic, I might pre-cut leaves into fish shapes next time. But for now, this was just too easy 🙂


Fall game and activity leaf fishing


Hope you catch some keepers!

Your Woman Gone Wild,




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