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The Nature Play Poster Is Ready!

The Nature Play Poster Is Ready!

After all the work, I'm so thrilled to say that my Nature Play poster is done! My goal was to create a piece of art that celebrates, encourages and visualizes all the life-altering benefits that nature play brings into the lives of children everywhere. I made this for all the educators, parents, caregivers, naturalists and play advocates - for everyone out there who is passionate about nurturing a child's innate connection to the wild.

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I want to mention that I was originally inspired to create this after seeing this poster made by the talented Barbara Rucci of the fantastic blog - Art Bar. Thank you for your vision and work!




Want the larger, printed poster right now? Buy the 16 x 20" version printed on beautiful premium luster paper. It is the perfect size for classrooms and educational spaces! Have questions? Email

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If you do print or purchase the poster, I would love to see a picture of you with it outside (or wherever it finds a home)! Head over to the Wilder Child Facebook and post it to my page, or use #natureplay on Instagram or FB.

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  • I live in the country and teach children in the forest daily so I feel I can understand the freedom a child will feel when they have nature at their finger tips. Yes I agree the poster is lovely as I noted. I am an English person and I do understand it’s context and so did my colleagues at school but we all feel quite strongly about calling a child a child. In Education we do not refer to children as “kids” in British Schools. I have been a looked at the WildChild website and it is wonderful but if we cannot reflect and give some feedback on these things then we will never move forwards in our understanding. The website is an international one and I am just saying how I would have preferred the poster if it had said child.

  • Hi Vicki,

    I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your initial comment. I completely agree, feedback is so valuable. I love hearing this perspective my goal is to have this message resonate internationally. I’m actually working on a second version of it for that purpose. Thank you again please let me know if there is anything I can do to support the good work you are doing.

  • However, now days, more than ever, children are referred to as “kids”. Especially those “kids” who were raised in the country, amidst any and all of the nature you could ever dream of. The poster is gorgeous; very well thought out and very beautifully put together. Every english-speaking person who reads it will certainly understand it; probably better with the word “kids” instead of “children”.
    It seems like Nicolette is trying to foster a very relaxed approach to WildChild and what her family is trying to do.
    It also seems to me, you may have only read the poster and not the rest of the WC website. If that’s so, please take time to look through it, it brings back very happy memories of growing up on a farm, with many acres to explore.
    Have a nature filled day!!


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