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THE KIDS MOON CLUB: Slow Down and look up!

Come celebrate all 12 Moons of the year through story, craft, music, and community. The 2024 journey is in progress, so I am not accepting new members until December. You can get on the waitlist to be the first to be notified when the doors open, get free lunar downloads, and be entered to win a free 2025 membership.



Join thousands of families as we journey through a lunar lit year filled with moon magic. The Kids Moon Club is a lunar focused framework that invites your family to slow down, look up, and connect to your nearby nature.


Access to the Membership Website
This is the Kids Moon Club hub where members download the digital Full Moon Collections, find additional resources, videos, recommended rhythm for our journey together and more.

Access to Members Only Private Facebook Group
The Kids Moon Club online community is filled with inspiration, creativity and support. Our Facebook group brings people together all over the world!

12 Digital Full Moon Collections
Upon signing up, members will have access to all of the digital Full Moon Collections, making it easier to plan and coordinate your lunar months in advance.


Behind the private membership doors, you will be able to access 12 digital Full Moon Collections.
Every Collection is named after commonly-named Full Moons.


Intention Setting Practice
A moonifesting practice each new moon invites members to draw, paint or collage your intentions at the top of each lunar cycle.

Full Moon Celebrations
Moon Club members are invited to celebrate the full moon each lunar month. From decorations and song lists to zentangle coloring sheets, stories and more you will have everything you need to party as the full moon rises.

Full Moon Forest Character
Meet an enchanting Full Moon Forest Character in each Collection and become part of the story by completing an act of kindness to help the full moon rise.

Full Moon Forest Story
Travel with your new friends Luna and Orion through the magical Full Moon Forest, and receive a new chapter of the story each lunar month.

Phenology Wheel
Create your own circular nature journal as the moon phases advance and seasons change.

Lunar Art Activity 
Inspired by an element of the story each month, create a unique object that can become a part of your Moon Kid’s storytelling or nature table.

Moon Treat Recipe 
Serve the moon treat at your full moon celebration or at anytime that fits your rhythm each lunar month.

Zentangle Coloring Sheet
Create beautiful patterns with the unique coloring sheet contained in each Collection. It is the perfect activity to include in your Full Moon Party.

Book List and Song Playlist
Read your way through each lunar month with an extensive book list and jam out to the song list that aligns with each full moon name.

Lunar Calendar
Get on moon time, plan your lunar month (approx 29.5 days), and align with a new rhythm.

Become a 2024 Member

year long membership includes:

  • Access to the Membership website for a year
  • 12 Digital Full Moon Collections
  • Member Guide
  • Monthly Videos
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to all materials through Dec. 31, 2024

One-Time Payment


one payment

no cancellations or refunds

Payment Plan


two payments for a total of $120

no cancellations or refunds

Classroom/Forest School


one payment

no cancellations or refunds

This option is for teachers or leaders bringing the Moon Club into the classroom or forest school. It includes only 1 login to access the Membership website and materials, but printing for all students in a class. Parents in co-ops are encouraged to each purchase their own membership. If you are interested in a classroom membership, please email me for more information at


Being too busy has happened to all of us. The Kids Moon Club can help you slow down, connect and sync up with the rhythm of the moon.


Each element of the Kids Moon Club is meant to bring families and communities together to celebrate, create and immerse in story.


While not a curriculum, the Kids Moon Club can be used as a framework for nature connected homeschooling.


Discover and establish rituals, touch stones and traditions that help your children discover a sense of place, home and connection.


“We used many elements of the Full Moon Collections as the starting point for our homeschooling subjects. They have become the base for our science curriculum. The phenology walks are a nature study/PE class combined. The monthly craft becomes a fine art. The bonding, connection and experience is all an added bonus, which to me is the most important!”

- Johnna Garneau

“My oldest is homeschooled (8 years old in 2 weeks, in 3rd grade) and my younger two are currently in a Montessori style school for 1st grade and K4 as of October- this has been amazing for their different learning styles! We are all going to be doing Moon Club together and even have a local group of interested families who plan to get together for the Full Moon parties.”

- Callista W T

“I made a peg doll for the first story character last month and my child LOVED that – acted out the story and everything over and over. So I am doing the peg dolls every month (which I enjoy as a creative outlet), we read the story, we take a full moon walk and just notice things when we are outside and complete the phenology wheel. Anything we can’t complete in the Collection this year, I know there is always next year! Oh, and we LOVE dancing and singing to the music playlist!” 

- Jessica Campagna

“Another mom and I are hosting classes every Monday (more of a community than class!) and we are incorporating our moon studies into that! On the Monday closest to the next full moon, our afternoon tea time is all about the moon- we blend our own tea, making sure we are talking about our intentions for the next month together while we learn about the different flavors we could potentially The children all really enjoy doing this together and look forward to the next full moon!”

- Amanda Jo Boener


Is the Kids Moon Club only for homeschoolers?

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No, it is for all approaches to education.

What age is the Club created for?

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5+ is the ideal age, but the activities can be scaffolded down or up depending on age. I highly recommend the whole family participate in the Club.

Do I have to purchase a membership for each child in my family?

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No, the cost for the Club is per family. If you are an educator, please view the educator pricing.

Can I sign up at any time?

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This is a one year journey tied to the lunar cycles, therefor I can only open it once a year! The 2022 journey will be open for new members from December 1-30, 2021. You can join the wait list HERE to get notified when the doors open for new members again in December.

Are there refunds or cancels?

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As this is a digital product, there are no refunds for the Kids Moon Club.

Is this for the Southern Hemisphere?

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Currently, this journey is aligned to the Northern Hemisphere. Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are welcome to come along, but moon phases and seasonal elements may NOT completely align. 

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