How to Make Nature-Inspired Valentines

by | Jan 31, 2015 | Wild Activities, Wild Art | 8 comments

Nature and Valentines Day, what a lovely combination! The entire month of February, I’m hoping to spread the warm fuzzies, starting with these nature-inspired valentines. We had a great time gathering natural items for this project, and they are a nice alternative to candy valentines. All in all these are really simple.  If you are rushed or don’t have natural materials readily available, you can always have the kids draw pictures on the cards.

What You’ll Need:

– Bakers twine or string
– Natural items that fit with the valentines (rock, shell, leaf, acorn, bark, feather, pine branch/cone, and stick).
– Card stock
– Hole punch
– Glue

How to Make

1. Gather all your natural materials.
2. Print out the valentines (Printable OnePrintable Two). Because some of the things are heavy, it’s best to print using heavy card stock.
3. Cut out each individual card.
4. Put the natural item on the card and make one marks on either side of it.
5. Take a hole punch or something sharp and make holes where the marks are.
6. Cut a piece of twine long enough to wrap around the item and tie a bow.
7. Thread the ends of the twine through each hole, wrap around the item and tie a bow. If the rocks or heavier things are still sliding off your cards, put a little glue behind them.
8. Address your card and share the love!

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Valentines inspired by nature


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