ClickCease The Wild Child Summer Challenge From We Are Wildness – Wilder Child
The Wild Child Summer Challenge From We Are Wildness

The Wild Child Summer Challenge From We Are Wildness

Happy Summer for those of you in North America! Over here we're all set to have an amazing season. Free play is the cornerstone of our time in nature, but it's also nice to have an overarching plan (even if it's just to loosely guide us). This summer we're taking the We Are Wildness, Wild Child Challenge that starts today!

I don't have any financial affiliation with We Are Wildness, I just love what they are all about and wanted to share. I'm selfishly hoping you'll join along and we can connect.

Here is why I'm excited about this:
  • I have been able to meet a lot of like-minded families (both on and offline) through their virtual community, and wanted to be a part of their specific child-centered community through the summer.
  • It's play based. No worksheets here. Instead the challenges will have us flying around like bats, eating dandelions and using our animal ears.
  • The challenges are organized. Every module is clearly outlined and the content is all in one place. It's easy to communicate with other members within the interface as you go along.
  • The content was created by six different amazing teachers (many of whose work I previously followed) which makes for a diverse set of ideas and activities.
  • There are prizes! No, we don't need them to motivate us to get out there, but it's a nice extra.
Nature inspired kids

Want to learn more or sign up? Head on over.

We're starting the six-week challenge today, and I'll be posting and tagging using #rewildingchildhood or #wildchild. If you do decide to join, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll be sure to find you inside the challenge!

Here's to a beautiful, wild summer...

Your Woman Gone Wild,

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