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The Slow Down, Look Up Challenge!

The Slow Down, Look Up Challenge!

As we head towards the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the light is waning. If we were more closely aligned to nature’s rhythms, it would be an invitation for us to slow down. Paradoxically, this is when our modern society often requires the MOST out of us. From holiday shopping and parties to meetings and end-of-the-year logistics, it’s easy to feel the pressure and lose sight of what we really want and need.

I created the Slow Down, Look Up Challenge to help you anchor to Mother Nature in the midst of the chaos. My hope is that it will support you in prioritizing your peace, nourishing your family in body, mind and heart, and ground yourself in the true meaning of this nature-connected season. 

Use this FREE, week-long challenge to breathe, dance and howl your way through the first week of December (or any 7 days you choose)! This challenge includes:

- Two ideas a day, for an entire week, one for slowing down and one for looking up.
- Each day also includes extra relevant resources that I have found to be useful in my own life.
- An art print to help inspire you to maintain the practice 


Thank you so much for committing to a slower way of being with me!


If you are interested in carrying a lunar-connected, more intentional approach through 2023 and beyond, you can sign up for the Kids Moon Club 
HERE until December 31st.


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