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Outdoor Advent With Printable Calendar!

Outdoor Advent With Printable Calendar!

The holidays can be a notoriously difficult time for getting outside. In order to counterbalance the hustle and bustle, I've created an outdoor advent calendar to help count down the days without losing touch with nature. This DIY advent calendar is filled with 24 simple activities that require nothing but stepping out that door. I would love for your family (or students) to join us on this adventure running from December 1st through December 24th.


1. Prepare the Calendar Print out both pages. Printable 1 | Printable 2- On the page with the red stars, cut around three sides of each star, creating a square flap that you'll be able to lift up every day.Simple Nature Activities Advent Calendar

- Put the page with the red stars on top of the page that has the green stars on it.

- Make sure the stars on the top page are lined up exactly with the stars on the page underneath. You should be able to lift a flap on the top page and see the activity underneath.

- Hang it on the refrigerator or some place the kids can reach and will notice daily.

2. Read the Activity At the beginning of each day, lift up the flap to reveal that day's activity underneath!

3. Head Outside Time to go out and do the simple advent activity for that day. Don't stress if it's not exactly what's on the star for that day. If the moment naturally lends itself to something else, go ahead and follow those rhythms! The point is to get OUT there and play.


I would love to see your advent days as they unfold. Feel free to take a picture or let the kids document and tag them with #outdooradvent so we can find each other!


I'm overwhelmed by how much the Wilder Child Facebook Group has grown in such a short amount of time. It's an incredible community of people dedicated to sharing ideas on getting OUT - out of the box, out of the chair and outside. I'll be sharing our entire outdoor adventure there, so head on over. Join here for free.

See you outside!

Your Woman Gone Wild,



Printable outdoor nature inspired advent calendar!
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  • So neat! Thrilled to have found your blog through One Blue Sail.

  • Of course link away! So happy you are participating in the #outdooradvent!

  • I am in love with this calendar! It is exactly the motivation me and Squishy needed. Would you mind if I linked to it in a post I’m writing?


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