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One Parenting Regret I Will Never Have

One Parenting Regret I Will Never Have

I'm not the perfect parent. Looking back, there will be things I'll wish I had done differently, moments I can never get back. But, there is one thing I'm fighting with every breath to provide: a slow childhood. It's not easy. Busyness feels like the new baseline for modern families, and we tend to wear it like a badge of honor.

Unfortunately, it's our children who suffer most when we're afflicted with the disease of being busy. It manifests in their world as developmentally inappropriate practices, chronic stress and lack of joy.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We have the power to say enough and give our children one of the most important gifts of all, time.

Time to play.

Time to get dirty.

Time to make mistakes.

Time to explore their own ideas at their own pace.

Time to ask questions.

How to slow down childhood, slow parentingTime to run, jump, dance and move!

Time to sleep and rest.

Time to "mess about" and experiment.

Time to process and release their emotions.

Time to get bored and daydream.

Time to connect with nature.

Time to discover and ease into their own rhythm.

By honoring our children in this way, I am hopeful that they will be much more patient and kind with themselves and others. When the stress and pressures of adulthood inevitably surface, I hope something in their hearts whispers, give yourself time.


I created this art piece to hang in my daughter's room as a constant reminder for both of us to be gentle with ourselves. If the message speaks to you, this print is available so you can share with your children. Get the 12 x 18 print hereHave questions? Contact me at

Give yourself time children's nature art work for bedrooms

Your Woman Gone Wild ,

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  • Hi Nicolette!

    Where would you recommend having the print printed?

  • To: Nicolette Sowder:

    I read a poem of yours which I loved because it describes my youngest daughter so perfectly!
    I also love the art work!

    How do I go about purchasing/acquiring the poem which I want to hang in her room with the art work?

    Also, am I allowed to repost on social media as long as I indicate you as the author and your website? Do you have a collection of writings? Kindly advise. You must share your gift!

    We called our daughter “wild thing” and she spoke to birds, climbed trees in all seasons, has a heart she wears on her sleeve…always worried for the marginalized! She’s 17 now and reading your poem made me tear! Tugged at my soul so very much! Thank you for creating space to honor nature!

    Hope yo hear from you!


    Maria Poblete

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