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Intro to Moon Gazing + 2016 Full Moon Dates Printable!

Intro to Moon Gazing + 2016 Full Moon Dates Printable!

The moon is such a powerful, accessible tool for learning and growth. Here are a few moon activities, lessons and resources to help you and your family learn more about and connect to the moon and night sky. Plus stick around to get your free printable of the 2016 moon dates (pictured above). I try to garden by the moon, cut my hair by the moon and just generally acknowledge its influence on my life. Whether or not you believe it has an impact on your emotional world, you have to admit it's a beautiful sight to behold!


The best way to get kids excited about and more in tune with the moon is to get them out there to see her! Try these:

1. Sing - Wrap those little ones up, go out, look up and sing, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".- The moon also likes to hear "Moon, Moon, Moon," by the Laurie Berkner Band.

2. Take Night Walks- Headlamps ease kids fears and allows them more autonomy and freedom. Here is a great, lightweight headlamp for kids that we use.Learning nocturnal animals lesson for kids- Do a mindful "fox walk" via @kidsrelaxation

3. Camp- 3 Tips for Finding Amazing and Free Campsites Anywhere via Bring the Kids- What to Pack for Family Campouts via Outdoorsy Mama- A Beginners Guide to Family Camping via Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies- Genius Family Camping Space Saving Tips via OutdoorsMom


There's so much mystery left in the cosmos, and so many ways to explore it. Here are a few:

1. Use Technology- List of incredible astronomy apps. We love Pocket Universe.- Hear a cartoon moon explain his phases.- Best Telescopes for Kids2. Connect - Setting intentions in tune with the moon (can be adapted for kids)- Phases of the moon flip book via deceptively educational- Hand-on and sensory moon activities via learn play imagine

3. ReadHere are some of our favorite moon-inspired books:

Moon Books and Activities for KidsMoon Books and Activities for KidsMoon Books and Activities for Kids Moon Books and Activities for Kids Moon Books and Activities for KidsMoon Books and Activities for Kids


1. Take a Trip!- Did you know there are actually places where the night sky is protected from excessive light? Check out the list of International Dark Sky Places.- 13 Best Places in the U.S. to Star Gaze

2. Make Yummy Treats- Phases of the moon explained in Oreos

3. Throw a Party! - 20 Ideas for an Outerspace Party via Artsy Craftsy Mom


I'm so excited to share this design and print with you! Following the full moons keeps me in tune with nature, and helps to reset my intentions for that month. My hope was to make something beautiful/useful for you, and to represent the Native American tradition of naming each full moon based on events that were happening at that time in the season.

Click on the link below to have the current year "8x10" printable sent directly to your email. Please note, moon dates are in US Central Standard Time. May you never miss a full moon this year!

Get Your Printable

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  • This looks amazing! I so wish we had something like this here. Thank you so much for sharing, it inspires me to put a little more celebration into our monthly moon viewings :)

  • In Panamá where I’m living right now, there’s this wonderful monthly experience called “Drums full moon” or Luna Llena de Tambores.
    Wonderful experience for all families!!

  • And check with your public library, many across the county checkout telescopes with a library card.


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