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How To Make Indian Corn Necklaces

How To Make Indian Corn Necklaces

Around this time of year, our pumpkins and bunches of Indian corn get traded out like an old pair of shoes. Instead of watching them sadly melt away in the rain, I was determined to do something useful with these little guys. The pumpkins got turned into bird feeders, and corn into beautiful wearable jewelry.

We loved these so much that they are going to receive tradition status in our house. But be careful, these are addictive to make - at least now we have plenty to give out as beautiful nature-inspired gifts for the holidays!

What You Need

1) Three ears of Indian (Flint) corn- Use the most colorful, varied corn you can find

- Three ears will allow you to make at least three necklaces

2) Dental floss- Easy glide works best, but any floss will do

3) A larger needle

4) A pan filled with enough water to cover the kernels

What You Do

1) Remove kernels off all of the corn husks.

2) Cover kernels in water and soak overnight in a pan.

3) Cut a length of dental floss big enough to slip over your child's head. Make it bigger than you think, you can always make it smaller later.

4) Thread the needle with the dental floss.

5) Pierce the center of a kernel with the needle and slide it down leaving about four inches at the end of the floss.

6) Repeat step 5 until you have filled up almost the entire length of floss (leave room on either end so you can tie the ends together).

7) Tie the two ends together to form the necklace stop kernels from slipping off.

What We'll Try Next Time

1) Make more bracelets and some head pieces.

Heirloom Glass Gem Indian Corn

2) Grow the corn that we will later use. We've already bought this heirloom to plant this Spring Glass Gem variety (featured right).

3) Maybe try painting some of the kernels before soaking to add another dimensions to the activity.

And there you have it! My daughter is only three and even though she couldn't actually push the needle into the corn, she had plenty of fun helping me sort and thread the kernels.

Would love to know how how yours turn out...

Your Woman Gone Wild,


PS. I first saw this from a post by Karen Sellers in the Nature Inspired Education FB Group that I'm a part of. Head on over and check it out!


How to make Indian Corn Necklaces. Fun Thanksgiving/Fall craft or holiday gift idea the kids can make and give!

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  • How do you get the corn off the cob without ruining it?

  • I was wondering what I could do with that corn.

  • Thats such a lovely thing to do!Thank you for the article!


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