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Create Your 2022 Nature Year Keepsake - FREE PRINTABLE!

Create Your 2022 Nature Year Keepsake - FREE PRINTABLE!

As we get ready to experience the last full moon of the astronomical year (happening on December 7, 2022 at 11:09 EST), it's a time for celebration! 

New year's resolutions often get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday, so our family uses this nature-aligned point to celebrate, reflect and share all the beautiful, joyous memories we had in the wild throughout the year. 

Because the full moon invites us to shine and dance in that radiant light, we focus on those adventures, sacred moments and joyous connections that filled us up the most. Every year we walk with Mother Nature is unique, as we spiral ever-inward, we discover new aspects of ourselves and our path through this world. 

In order to help preserve these memories and lessons, I recreated the design I use in hopes that it can inspire your family. 

Below is a printable, memory-making, keepsake filled with 12 spaces (one for each lunar cycle of 2022. You can print one for each person, or do one as a family!


If you are interested in learning how to align your family to all the lunar cycles of 2023 and to have fun doing it, please check out The Kids Moon Club!

Thousands of families that have experienced this journey are a testament to this unique experience. There is nothing like this year-long story, craft and connection-filled membership and community! I would love to walk beside your family, doors close December 31, 2022. Learn more HERE.


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  • Hi…I apologize…I think the Internet is running slowly right now…Fter many attempts, I was able yo download your beautiful 2022 Nature Memories page which we will enjoy filling out this weekend. Thank you so much for this and for all you contribute to our lives.

    Diane Spiecker
  • Hi. I love love love your site. I am introducing my grandchildren to the moon! They all respect nature. I would love to download your new free printable, but it will not download. Am I doing something wrong on the page? Wishing you a happy bright moon tonight.

    Diane Spiecker

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