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20 Nature-Inspired Mindful Moments Cards

20 Nature-Inspired Mindful Moments Cards

For our family (and I'm suspecting a lot of yours if you've landed on this page), nature is where we recharge, regulate and feel most connected. And there is quite a bit of research out there reinforcing what any nature-connected parent already knows, the outdoors is a tonic for our stressed-out nervous systems, chronic anxiety and hectic pace. We're wired to the wild. For children especially, their bonds with nature make it perfect for nurturing mindfulness and self-regulation. Which is why I have created a set of nature-based mindful moment cards to help my children revisit and inspire the sense of calm and grounding they experience in nature when they are inside and need it most.


Mindful Moments for Children

1. Click the button below to get the printable.

2. Print out and cut out each circle. Printing on card stock will help these last longer.

3. Glue the back and front of each card together.


- Color each card if you would like.

- Laminate each card.

- Put a hole punch in the top of each card and string them on a keychain.

Fill out the fields below to get your Mindful Moment cards!

Mindful Moments

- Sit down together as a family and talk about how the cards can be used. Explain that they are part of your child's feel-better toolbox.
- The text on each card is only a suggestion, use these in ways that feel right for your family.
- Encourage your children to play with and use these cards casually. This will ensure that they have familiarity and positive associations with these techniques.
- Make connections between things you're experiencing outside and those moments depicted on the card. Strengthen that thread!
- Keep these with other items that inspire calm, peace and reflection. We keep ours on a key-ring in our nature-based peace / feel-better basket.
Please do share if you create or use these, I would love to see how they turn out for you!
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Your Woman Gone Wild,


Nature Inspired Mindfulness Cards for Children

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  • LOve These! You’re a genius! What a great website, community, etc. Sincere Gratitude!

  • Love this! I am just unsure how to download the PDF. I am a subscriber and filled out the fields to subscribe again. Can you help? Thank you!

  • Thank you! As a outdoor early educator I am always looking for activities that bring intention.

    Andrea Hector

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